Portrait of a Graduate

The Putnam County School District is shaping the future and that future is in our classrooms.  

After two years and hundreds of hours of conversations and work, the Putnam County School District completed the Strategic Plan for 2021 - 2026 that outlines its responsibility to graduate students who are ready to contribute to our local economy as well as the world beyond.  Embedded in that plan is the Portrait of a Graduate that defines a set of six competencies the PCSD believes all students should demonstrate when they graduate from our school district.  

This week the schools in the PCSD celebrated Portrait of a Graduate Week to highlight engaging activities and commitment to preparing all of our students - Pre-Kindergarten through Seniors - for college, career and life.  Students at all of our schools participated in events, such as College/Technical School/Armed Forces Shirt Day, Career Dress-Up Day, Career Day/Alumni Day and Decision Day.  

PCSD Students are embracing the challenge of becoming Fearless Learners, Engaged Collaborators, Innovative Problem Solvers, Resilient Individuals, Confident Communicators and Global Citizens.

Jonathan Hinke, PCSD Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives said, “Our Portrait of a Graduate is about preparing all students with employability skills.  We want our students to graduate on time and be prepared for life after they walk across the stage.”